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Oxidation Damage Accumulation Aging Theory (The Novel Role of Glutathione)

This paper reviews how glutathione, a powerful intracellular antioxidant protein that is important for the body’s natural defenses and often deficient in older adults, is central to regulating oxidative stress and combating oxidation damage.
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Mitochondrial Oxidative Capacity and NAD+ Biosynthesis are Reduced in Human Sarcopenia Across Ethnicities

This study showed that mitochondrial dysfunction is one of the strongest markers of sarcopenia (age-related muscle loss) in three distinct ethnic populations. Individuals with sarcopenia exhibited major impairments in energy production and significantly lower NAD+ levels.
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The Impact of Age Associated Cellular Decline on Bioenergetics and Functional Impairment

This presentation reviews evidence supporting the importance of better mitochondrial function for healthy aging, and how lifestyle habits like regular physical activity and healthy weight management, can improve cellular energy metabolism – the life-sustaining process that happens within our cells.
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